Roofology offer you peace of mind with our maintenance and repair services.

As a roof tiler and roof plumber, Sean offers a complete roofing service and a real understanding about your roofing problems.

Honest and reliable, Sean is commited to delivering the highest quality workmanship using quality products and materials. 

Problem roof leaks

Sean has extensive experience locating and repairing problem roof leaks. Roof leaks can be frustrating for owners, causing damage to your property and locating the roof leak is not always simple.

For problematic roof leaks Sean follows a step by step process to provide long term solutions, rather than quick fixes and patch up jobs.

Broken roof tiles

Broken roof tiles can be an unexpected surprise when the rain arrives.

A roof check is recommended if you, or other tradesmen have been on the roof. Not all people realise they have broken roof tiles or if they do, not everyone replaces the broken roof tiles.

Whatever the case, Roofology will be able replace your broken roof tiles and match the tiles to your roof.

Custom valleys and flashings

Poorly maintained or rusted valleys are a common cause of roof leaks. Leaves can block water flow and divert the water over the edges and onto your celling or roof cavity.

Roofology will check your valleys and flashings for water flow problems, blockages and rust. If required we can install custom valleys, flashings and box gutters to prevent future roof leaks.

Ridge capping repairs

As the roof ages, the cement underneath the ridge caps can deteriorate to the extent that the ridge caps need to be removed completely and bedded down on a new layer of cement. Once the ridge caps have been re-bedded, the ridge caps are re-pointed in flexible pointing.

Re-pointing can add years to the life of your existing roof and the flexible pointing will flex with the natural movements of the house.

Roof Maintenance and Repairs Perth

Gutters and downpipes

Blocked gutters and downpipes can lead to flooded eaves and flooded ceiling spaces. Avoid damage to your home by taking preventative action, make sure your gutters and downpipes are clear of leaves and debris before the winter rains come.

If your gutters are leaking, blocked or rusted beyond repair, Roofology can provide a free quote. We have a great range to choose from including Colorbond® steel, Zincalume® steel, aluminium or galvinised products. We specialise in custom box gutters, valleys and flashings.

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