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Sean is Perth's leading roof leak and repair specialist, combining the skill of roof tiling and roof plumbing for a complete solution.

Sean offers a real understanding about your roofing problems and provide long-term roofing solutions.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship using quality materials.

Ridge capping repairs

As the roof ages, the cement underneath the ridge caps can deteriorate to the extent that the ridge caps need to be removed completely and bedded down on a new layer of cement. Once the ridge caps have been re-bedded, the ridge caps are re-pointed in flexible pointing.

Re-pointing can add years to the life of your existing roof and the flexible pointing will flex with the natural movements of the house.

Re-point ridge capping

Roofology will make your roof look as good as new and fix any small problems that could become more serious down the track.

Before re-pointing your roof, the pre-existing pointing of moss, lichen and dirt is removed and a new layer of flexible pointing is applied. Roofology uses Starpoint flexible pointing, a special formula that will flex with the natural movements of your roof, with minimal cracking and colour fade over time.

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Roof ventilation

Roof vents are a very important element of roofing and effective roof ventilation can extend the life of the roofing material in the roof.

To properly ventilate a roof cavity you need intake vents to allow fresh air into the roof space and exhaust vents to allow air to leave the roof space. Roofology recommends and installs Universal Tile Ventilators, as seen on "ABC's New Inventors".

Roof tiling and Roof plumbing Perth

Roof Maintenence

As a roof tiler and roof plumber, Sean is able to offer a complete roofing service and a real understanding about your roofing problems.

Honest and reliable, we are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship using quality products and materials.

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